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Madhur Gupta


I am ‘This’, I am ‘That’

Posted on: 22 Jul 2018

|| Shivah Shaktya yukto yadi bhavati Shaktah prabhavitum Na chedevam devo na khalu kushalah spanditumapi|| “Joined with Shakti (thyself), Lord Shiva is capable of creating the Universe. Otherwise, the Lord is not even able to stir.” Since time immemorial concepts and mythical instances like that of Yin and Yang, Ardhanareshwara, Purusha-Prakriti; and similar other concepts […]


Carrying On The Kathak

Posted on: 14 Jul 2018

Ragini Maharaj, born into the illustrious family of the Kalka-Bindadin Gharana, she has received her training from a very young age from her grandfather the Kathak maestro Padma Vibhushan Pt. Birju Maharaj. She has also learned Kathak from her aunt Mamta Maharaj (daughter of Pt. Birju Maharaj) , from her father Deepak Maharaj (younger son […]


Susanskriti: Tracing Heritage Through Dance

Posted on: 09 Jul 2018

There is a certain charm in the old. There is a reason why all that is classic or traditional stands the test of time. What one finds even further interesting is when classical boundaries are extended within the tradition. Susanskriti an effort by Sangeet Natak Akademi and Helen Acharya, to bring the finest of talents […]

Aniruddha Knight 4

Like A Breath Of Fresh Air

Posted on: 30 Jun 2018

One walks into an auditorium, and hears the dancer singing with the orchestra and dancing too! What a treat to watch! Just like a breath of fresh air Aniruddha Knight swayed on stage and did the pièce de résistance Krishna Ni Begane Baaro. Representing an unbroken lineage, ninth in a generation full of artists, grandson […]

shubha chaudhari 2

To Save Or Not To Save

Posted on: 23 Jun 2018

The Indian subcontinent has had a long standing oral tradition history where śrutis from Vedas, epics like Mahabharata & Ramayana, to the ragas, the intricate nuances of tala, and the rendering of raga and tala as bandish or composition, were passed on from guru to shishya by word of mouth and through direct demonstration. There […]

Shivani Verma

Baithaks: A Relic or A Reality

Posted on: 16 Jun 2018

The concept of proscenium stage and for that matter even furniture is a western concept. Indians by far and by large have always preferred to sit cross legged on the ground, owing to the rooted and grounded philosophical upbringing most come up with. Likewise the arts in the Indian subcontinent were never meant to be […]

Mayuri Upadhya

Perplexing Passages of Patronage

Posted on: 28 May 2018

Money is a Big Bad word in the world of Indian classical arts. Something which is so highly spiritual, is so deeply involved in religion, and is so divinely uplifting, cannot ever be measured or bought by money. Although all that is true and fine, the artists, the practitioners, the perpetrators of these divine arts […]

Smt. Sharon Lowen

Transgressing Boundaries: A sketch of Guru Sharon Lowen

Posted on: 22 May 2018

Padmavibhushan Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra said of Sharon Lowen in 1987, after accompanying her 22 performance Festival of India-USA tour, “She is now one of my five best disciples who I can unhesitatingly recommend to represent the Odissi dance form anywhere in the world. Sharon has mastered the tradition”. In the 30 years since that endorsement, […]