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An initiative of Good Cause – an NGO


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Gallery round up

Artist Neetika Chopra shares with us her impressions of the works brought in by the international galleries.   Galleries from various parts of the world showcased...


Art Blended at IAF’17 – Collaborations

Often, said and watched, how flexible art is. How often we end up being an artist, either on canvases or on giant walls, either on digital screens or through traditional...


Art & People

Human beings have been into the nearly-perfect illusion of having a real sense of attachment with art, in their life, and has walked on the same path for years. As it...

Shalina Vichitra-set of 12 works-p1b88vle3a1nd51e651c7hknu1mps

Prayers for the earth

Shalina Vichitra would often travel to Leh and meet Tibetan refugees who would tell her their tales of hardships. In their stories she found the pain and longing for a...

veer munshi

Mediums of expression

Paintings still remain a favourite medium for artists to express their views, and that was something which was displayed in full glory at just concluded India Art Fair....


 Day II of meaningful discussions

The second day of the India Art Fair 2017 began with interactive sessions with the Speakers Forum. As on one side serious discussions were held on meaningful subjects...

1. Woven Chronicle - 2016

On a good note

From art veterans like Satish Gujral to contemporary masters like Subodh Gupta, the opening day of the ninth-edition of India Art Fair witnessed bonhomie between...

Britto arts trust- view of Britto Arts Trust, Dhaka- 2012

In No Man’s Land

Tayeba Begum Lipi has previously participated in the India Art Fair as an artist. But, this time, the Bangladeshi artist is representing Britto Arts Trust and is looking...

Yaacov Agam portrait

Bruno Art Group exhibits Yaakov Agam artworks

Bruno Art Group will be showcasing solo show of artist Yaakov Agam at the India Art Fair 2017. The renowned Israeli sculptor and experimental artist, Yaakov is best...

Untitled, Copenhagen, Sep 1973, oil impasto on canvas by Sohan Qadri

Odyssey of an abstractionist

The complete oeuvre of veteran artist Sohan Qadri has been collated in a coffee table titled ‘Sohan Qadri’ which was published in 2010. Incidentally, this was also...