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A glimpse into Peruvian art

To promote the art works by graduate students from Peru an exhibition, “Artistic Exhibition of Peru’s Contemporary Art” was organized by National Institute of Fine...


Manu Parekh’s retrospective at NGMA

As one enters the main exhibition hall of the National Gallery of Modern Art, the bright, bold and overwhelming 48’X33’, “The Last Supper”, which is based on...


ACF Collectibles at Tsutra exhibition

A celebration of arts and craft took place at Tsutra, an exhibition celebrating the rich culture of Indian heritage and contemporary design. In an attempt to take...


ACF ceramics pop-up a grand success

In today’s digital age, art is a healer that comforts the soul, body and mind. Keeping in rhythm with this holistic approach, Art Culture Festival brought together a...


Show of rare oils and lithographs

Exhibiting a rare collection of oil paintings, lithographs and oleographs from the 19th century in an exhibition titled Swadeshi Art, Akar Prakar gallery is bringing to...


Jagannath Panda’s solo show gives food for thought

On the first floor of the Vadehra Art Gallery is a 10.5” x 27.5” x 14” sea drone sitting motionlessly on a slab. It is easy to miss this harmless white-coloured...

Bivas Bhattacharjee_Velocity of Darkness_04

Photography still under appreciated: Bivas Bhattacharjee

He was only six or seven years old when his father bought him his first camera. He was so enamoured by the idea of capturing people and places that Bivas Bhattacharjee... (5)

Artist Kanchan Chander Shifts Her Gaze To Torsos Again

After the stupendous success of her shows paying ode to the female legends of Hollywood and Bollywood, and legendary artist Frida Kahlo, Delhi-based artist Kanchan...

sanjhi image

Sanjhi craft exhibition in the city

The scissors in his trained hands move deftly across a delicate piece of paper creating intricate patterns that would leave one in awe and admiration. As there is no...


Capturing beauty of islands

After successful shows in Pune, Chennai and Goa last year, multifaceted Pankaj Sekhsarai’s exhibition titled, “Island Worlds… of land and sea” is currently...