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The Art World Reacts to President Trump’s Remarks

On January 20, 2017, Donald Trump was sworn in as America’s 45th President. The Trump administration has recently announced plans to completely eliminate the National Endowment of the arts. The Art world largely unhappy with the choice of the presidential elect, reacts and protests in large numbers.

A day prior to the swearing in, the Brooklyn museum hosted pop star Madonna, in conversation with artist Marilyn Minter,two legendary feminists who showed themselves to be unafraid of speaking out against the incoming president.

The importance of standing up for women’s rights, and all human rights, was the most important theme discussed. “Fight back,” Minter urged. “Don’t accept anything he does. He’s not my president.”

Madonna stated “I do believe that Trump was elected for a reason: to show us how lazy and un-unified and lackadaisical and taking-for-granted we’ve become of our freedom and the rights we have as Americans. They say it’s always darkest before the dawn. This had to happen to bring people together—so let’s get this party started!”

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“This is the most frightened I’ve ever been—I’ve never been frightened by my government before. I’ve been really angry at them. I’ve watched Nixon, and I’ve watched the AIDS crisis, and two Bushes, and this is the first time everything is really been upside down, and what I thought was happening was not happening. The most qualified candidate that ever ran was beaten by the least qualified candidate that ever

In another anti-Trump protest, artist Shepherd Fairey designed posters featuring Native Americans, African Americans, Muslims, and Latinas. The portraits, in Fairey’s trademark style, were accompanied by bold slogans like “Women are Perfect”, “Defend Dignity” and “We the people are greater than fear”

The series, called “We the people” was commissioned by non-profit organization the Amplifier Foundation and the images are available for free download. These posters were found being used by protestors during the women’s march, across the globe.

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Taking its name from the first line of the US constitution, the series We the People features portraits of Native Americans, African Americans, Muslims, and Latinas depicted in Fairey’s trademark style, with slogans such as “Women are Perfect” and “Defend Dignity.”


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