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Curator's pick - Soul Survivors by Anu Malhotra (Apatani tribe - Arunachal Pradesh | Konyak Tribe - Nagaland)

Captivating magic of Spiti valley in black-and-white photographs
The streets of a city are a window to their culture – Sumiko Murgai Nanda
This is the right time to invest in buying photographs – Ajay Rajgarhia

Theatre is that powerful tool of social representation that does not hesitate to berate, rebuke or even laugh at the hypocritical weave that is so fiercely guarded by the custodians of the society. Since its inception, this medium has challenged the misrepresentations in society and spoken out against the ills and prejudices that continue to plague the social set-up. In short, it is more than that tiny voice inside our head that continues to nudge our consciousness in the hope that awareness would bring about much-needed change around …..

Eurydice by Jean Anouilh. Dir. E.Alkazi. Alaknanda Duriaud as Eurydice. Theatre Unit, Bombay, 1959. Copyright Alkazi Foundation for the Arts
Natya Ustaad: Where creativity flourishes
Blast from the past
‘Theatre is an act of cultural production’
Rajat Kapoor
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