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11 must-see artworks at India Art Fair

India Art Fair 2018 features an interesting mix of works that promise to take viewers on a whirlwind tour. The subject of migration once again makes its entry into the Fair and so does creative imagination of many artists who question, inform and reimagine the mundane and ordinary.

1. Vijay Pichumani’s Between You and Me at Art Houz is a visceral representation of the bubble we live in.

vijay pichumani

2. Seema Kohli’s Tree of Life at Gallery Nvya celebrates the beauty of nature and life

seema kohli

3. SudiptaDas’s A Soaring To Nowhere, supported by Gallery Latitude 28, is an art project, signifying the dispossessed across cultural and political boundaries in human history.

sudipta das

4. NavjotAltaf’s Lost Text, supported by Guild, is an art project. The play of technology on the text reciprocates to the selective memory and brings new ideas through the highlighted text

navjot altaf

5. Bruno Art Group’s colourful take on life and happiness is represented by an array of artists

bruno art

6. Art on a Plate by Jaganath Panda features crockery designed by the artist. The project is conceptualized by Ina
Puri and is supported by Pullman.

jaganath panda

7. ChittrovanMazumdar’s work portrays the inevitable tension between dark and light. Darkness forms a first impression. Swelling and pervasive, it evokes vulnerability and desire.

chittrovan mazumdar

8. TV Santhosh’s work at Guild Art Gallery represents the mechanical way of living, a metaphor for the conflict between man and machine.

tv santhosh

9. Gigi Scaria’s work depicts the struggles of every day and politics of citizenship with bronze humanoid forms pushed against the wall.

gigi sarcia

10. Sudarshan Shetty’s work at Gallery Ske has everyday objects in wood lying on a table. The intricate detailing and wood carving on objects like a typewriter and a sewing
machine are its highlights.

sudarshan shetty

11. Artist SubbaGhosh’s The Flow, supported by Anant Art, is an art project. The work takes inspiration from the ongoing refugee crisis, emulating how the flow displacing humans continues unabated across territorial borders.

subba ghosh

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