Akar Prakar

by Team ACF
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Akar Prakar is an open-air, display a friendly art gallery. Reena and Abhijit Lath bring to it three generations of art insight. It has supported fledging artists and has featured several seniors. The gallery is open to all mediums of expression, without restricting itself to only paintings. Therefore, hosting sculpture shows, installations, photography, and print expositions too. Akar Prakar strives to make a difference in its projection of contemporary Indian art, not only through its many shows with museums and institutions but also through its catalogs, art journals, and books on important artists, and of late, is realizing the necessity of going beyond the frontiers of the country and cooperating with kindred organizations, to showcase works of significant artists from India.
A 37/38 Shyam Nagar
Vishwamitra Marg
Jaipur 302 019

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