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Opening New Vistas 


An artist, curator, art advisor and a mentor, Amrita Varma talks about her new venture, The Egg Art Studio, in an exclusive interview to ACF amrita_varma_At_The_EggArt_Studio.001

What inspired you to be an artist? And when did you turn a curator?

As a teenager, I loved to paint. I used to study the works of other artists and emulate some of their styles in my works. In the process, I tried a lot of styles, followed many artists and their styles. And finally after trying several combinations, I ended up creating two distinct styles that I could call my own — a mix of impressionist landscapes and expressionist abstracts. The idea behind setting up EggArt was to create that space for the upcoming talent where they can experiment and channelise their energies. I wanted this to be that space where they got the boost and inspiration to create something different. A place where people could walk in and associate themselves with art, on their own.



What’s so special about the name of your studio – “EggArt”?

 Egg is a nurturer and at EggArt Studio, we believe in nurturing our artists. We empower their curiosity and talent and don’t let them crunch. At the same time, we discipline them into their zones so that they are able to give their best. I have all kinds of artist, from young and new entrants to well-established ones, but we make it a point to mix their works so you see the uniqueness of each.

Why is it a studio and not a gallery?

What sets us apart here is careful curation and evaluation of each work, mentoring artists, guiding and empowering them to their highest potential. We believe in working with the artists and not focusing on the finished products of creativity and art so they become a part of our journey. Studio is a place where art grows, things involve and evolve, where things are in a constant motion. We look into their art and provide them with opportunities. We work towards the development of the artists and attempt to make their art visible, unlike galleries. Amrita_varma_Genesis _The_Veil.001

Tell us about the bond you share with the co-founder of EggArt, Tavleen Akoi. How did you two convert your idea of ‘egg’ into reality?

 As a partner, Tavleen has put her faith and trust into all the processes of the project and we associate with each other in everything, almost equally. I find her perspective to be a reason for this studio’s growth. Her inherited exposure from her grand-aunt, Amrita Shergill, and her experience in the field has contributed a lot towards her personality and that of EggArt.


What was the basic theme for your exhibition “Genesis – The Veil”, that launched your studio? 

Genesis means act of creation of life. Creation of life will not happen if you do not will yourself to go a little beyond. There’s a veil and you will have to look beyond to get the details. I divided the exhibition into two parts. Firstly, I approached it from a higher perspective, to encapsulate it all. I picked Maldives as a country for this and chose seven artists from there, and their culture and selection of colours were different, and visible in their artworks.  

Black_means_White_by_Vipul Prajapati_Amrita_Varma.001

 “The simpler you are, the more you know”

 In terms of workspace and talent hunt, KHOJ association is also a constant support to all the ‘eggs’ – new entrants. On what basis, do you think that your studio is similar to it and different from it?

 I believe that we need more spaces like that for young and upcoming talent, around us, to guide and prepare them for the dynamic future. I don’t say that we are different, not even trying to compare because as I said, we compete with ourselves.

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