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Ankush Dewesar is a Delhi-based professional lifestyle photographer. He is the third-generation photographer, with an experience of seven years in the field of photography. He is the founder of ‘Chasing Light Fotography’, the photo company known for creative and innovative photographic concepts. Since 2009, under the banner of his illustrious photo company he has photographed quixotic pre-wedding shoots, exquisite and luxurious weddings all across India, incredible interiors, top-notch architectural projects, intellectual editorials and everything else that captures his imagination and lets his shutterbugs click the extraordinaire. His works have been featured in magazines like Society, Savvy, Society Interiors, Health & Nutrition and Stardust. He approaches his craft as he approaches life, fearless and wholly engaged.
We spoke to him as his debut-solo photography exhibition, ‘Symphony in Movements’ is all set to be displayed at SodaBottleOpenerWala, Khan Market, Delhi from November 23rd, 2016.
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 How did you foray into the world of photography? 
I have been living, eating and drinking photography since my origin. Photography came to me since I was a toddler, observing my father and grandfather, affectionately capturing every step of my growing years. I come from a family of professional photographers, who have always been passionate about the art of clicking. As times changed, technology changed, cameras changed, the lineage passed on to me. I am the third generation in my family carrying the miraculous art of photography through my eyes. My grandfather Kewal Krishan and father Anil Dewesar were prominent photographers of their era. I have been raised listening to the tales of black and white photography era and Kodak reel camera’s that took days to develop photos. They consider our generation lucky and blessed to receive the DSLR’s, the digital cameras and phone cameras. But, I believe I am blessed with ‘golden adages’ of my family’s knowledge about camera technicalities, intricacies and lighting that have been unaffected since the camera was invented. I ensure to keep myself updated with the latest camera technology inventions every day.
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How has been the journey so far?
Only a photographer can understand that the magic of being behind the camera is incredible, than being in front of the camera. I love my work, as there isn’t a better feeling in the world to capture human emotions and human creations. It’s inspiring when your work gets appreciated, as each word of appreciation boost towards achieving the best results. And it works like magic!
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What is ‘Symphony in movements’ photography exhibition?
‘Symphony in movements’ is a photo exhibition of contemporary dance-form by two ballet and contemporary dancers. The title of the exhibition signifies the harmonious composition of dance movements, lens, light and subject resulting in captivating portraits of the dancers. It is my recent project, which is being brought forward by “Creative Spaces”, a collaboration of website and restaurant SodaBottleOpenerWala. It’s a unique photographic project featuring powerful and intense dance portraits of contemporary dancers in about 20 photographs. The works will be on display at SodaBottleOpenerWala, Khan Market from November 23rd to 29th, 2016.
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What made you click dancers for your project?
I have always been fascinated by the poise of contemporary dancers at stage performances amidst stage lights. But, as it’s a live performance, a single movement missed on stage cannot be recreated. Hence, I wanted to capture their fluid dance movements in a studio set-up where I can get the freedom of playing with light around their graceful steps. It’s beautiful to see the movements frozen in time.
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What were the challenges of photographing dancers?
The photo shoot was challenging, but quite educative. Photography is an incessant learning art-form. However experienced a photographer is, for him it will be a continuous learning throughout his life. It’s easy to photograph a static object or a human being. But, it becomes difficult when the subject is moving. The placement of light becomes all the more tricky with moving bodies. So, we had to take re-takes for the perfect shot. It was an amazing experience photographing dancers.
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How has photography shaped you as a person?
Photography is an extension of my personality. As it’s my genes, so it has become now a part of me. My outlook towards life has changed due to photography. I often find the unusual aspect even in the mundane things of life. Photography has made me sensitive towards my surroundings. Most importantly it has given me an observant and imaginative eye to spot different point of views to a single subject.
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 Which is your favourite subject in photography?
My favourite is architectural photography. I like clicking the beauty of interior and exterior structures. Capturing the grandeur of man-made architectural wonders is amazing. It’s satisfying to photograph a delicate play of light and shadow or the caustic relationship between man, nature, and the building. Through architectural photography I can find beauty in banality, oddity, reality, and sometimes the imaginary.
 What is your style of photography?
My style of photography revolves around light and shade. A picture with light and shade gives all-together an alternative perspective to the subject. Through this technique, the picture looks dramatic, adding a diverse dimension to its meaning.

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