Art Alive Gallery presents “Agradoot”: Agents of Change, Curated by Dr Alka Pande

by Team ACF
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The exhibition will showcase works by 11 contemporary artists who have been active agents of change in the field of arts. This show is an attempt to explore and interrogate the cathartic and metamorphic role women play in all vital areas of art, culture, and society. Image and text have gone hand in hand for many visual artists. The artists in the show are intergenerational, working in different mediums, expressing their concerns, and using their art as ‘Agradoot’ itself.

“Women have always held the home and heart together. In pastoral societies, however, with patriarchy becoming stronger, women were relegated to the kitchen and therefore took the back seat. Except in indigenous societies where women walk shoulder to shoulder with the men in the community. Inclusion is part of a civil society. Women today are finding their voice in every aspect of life and living. As we move into a world where the boundaries of gender are becoming more amorphous and accepting of the power of the feminine, women are like Agradoots who are at the forefront of almost every aspect of life. Be it science, art, or business, women are at the top of the pyramid. No longer shrinking violets, as ‘stri’, they are the greatest agents of change. They are undoubtedly innovators and powerful catalysts bringing in positive results in the most difficult of experiments. Another significant marker of female identity and an area where women are creating transformative change is in the area of ecology and climate change.”

  • Dr. Alka Pande, Curator

Exhibition Details:

Title: “Agradoot: Agents of Change”
Venue: Art Alive Gallery, S-221, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi – 110017
Exhibition Dates: 23rd September-23rd October, 2023 (11PM – 7PM)

Exhibiting Artists: Madhvi Parekh | Shobha Broota | Jayashree Chakravarty | Arpana Caur | Jayasri Burman | Tara Sabharwal | Pranati Panda | Kanchan Chander | Sharmi Chowdhury | Ayesha Seth Sen | Radhika Surana

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