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Art Space Etc is the art studio created for aesthetic expression, communication, or contemplation. We have range of courses at various level with Pankaj Malasi and Nagma Shamim. Under their guidance students shall develop their style throughout certificate course provided by Art Culture Festival and creating a final portfolio. The student specialize throughout the course with assignments and workshop. Art culture festival further allows the students to specialize in various art form such as painting, sketching and photography, so in the final term thus enabling students to develop a strong portfolio of creative work for a month, done under the guidance of Art Space Etc studio artists. 

Art Classes for Kids

Art Classes for Adults

Private/Personal Classes

Art Classes for kids

An introductory workshop, where kids explore traditional mediums such as painting, drawing, pen and ink as well as temporal mediums such as video and sound. We have range of mediums your kids could explore: Sketching, oil pastel, soft pastel, oil and acrylic paintings. 

Art Classes for Adults

These workshops by Art Space Etc. include an in-depth understanding of color, value and placement of elements to create dynamic and aesthetic compositions. Prior knowledge in drawing is required. We have range of mediums you could explore: Sketching, Oil pastel, soft pastel, oil and acrylic paintings or mandala and zentangle. 

Private/Personal Classes

The educators at the art space etc can aid people, solo or group to traverse through the ancient and traditional practices of art. We have range of mediums you could explore: Oil pastel, soft pastel, oil and acrylic paintings, sketching and mandalas.

Skills Being Learned

  • Basic sketching and drawing

  • Oil Pastel and Watercolour

  • Scibbling with crayons

  • Pencil Colours

  • Sketching and Shading

  • Mandala/Zentangle

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