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In 1997 Bikash Bhattacharjee, the first artist to visit Maihar, was inspired by its surrounds and images of rural landscape. Deeply influenced by his stay at the Heritage Home, on his return to Kolkata he brought renewed life to the images of his mind onto canvas. Thus, he became the first of many artists that were to come and fall in love with the pulse of this space. Over the years, painters, ceramicists, sculptors, writers, photographers, film makers and all sorts of creative personas streamed in, making Maihar a melting pot of creative exploration and fusion of various mediums.
ART ICHOL, Khajuraho-Bandhavgarh Highway, Ichol Village, Near Maihar
 Madhya Pradesh
+91 98310 09278, +91 84358 02611
Read about Artist Nobina Gupta talks about her collaborative research residency project at Art Ichol, Maihar, Madhya Pradesh

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