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Starting October 8th

Friday & Saturday
6-9 PM

“Acting is an Art, a Career, a Way of Life”

“Ajoka Institute” proudly presents a one of a kind course designed specifically for furthering your Career, Life and Creative Potential.

Over the course of three months, students will be presented with a detailed and unique study plan, culminating in a live performance as well as the opportunity to perform in a well publicized web-series.

The Course will be conducted in a large open air space, following social distancing and other protocols, along with additional Online Classes if required. A Limited number of students will be admitted.

Course Description:
The “Art of Acting” course is designed to provide the students with practical experience about acting and enable them to understand and perform various roles. This experience will help the students in their development in the area of their choice of a creative career on stage, screen or television. They will receive specialist training in voice, movement and emotive skills. This course will equip the students with the skills they would need to become a professional actor. It will include studying various schools of acting and discuss the challenges of understanding a character and portraying it in more than one way. Difference between stage, TV and screen acting will also be underlined with theoretical and practical assignments. The participants will also be asked to go out and choose characters which they will then portray before the class. In addition, this course will help the students in gaining confidence in performing in front of a live audience or camera and enhance their self confidence, leading to new levels of personal achievement and self-discovery.

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this course, the students will have gained a good understanding of acting as an art, a medium and a career. They will be able to act as well as direct actors for Film/Television/Online projects. An additional benefit will be understanding of the psychology of characters in society.

Taught by Nirvaan Nadeem, students will be presented with guest lectures from leading National and International industry professionals. The course will culminate with a professional performance in front of a live audience.

3 Month Certification Course
PKR 9000/- Per Month

Starting October 8th

Friday & Saturday
6-9 PM


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042 36682443

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