Artist Puja Grover

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 Conversations with self

Artist Puja Grover is a sensitive soul that puts out on canvas the images that tease her from within. Excerpts from her interview with ACF
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Where did it all start?
My parents say that I had always been drawing and sketching as a child. I do remember doing pencil portraits of my grandfather, my mom and other family members when I was around 15 years old. But then there was a long break. I received a great deal of encouragement from my husband and the whole family and I resumed drawing and painting in 2004.
I started off with more portraits, landscapes, still life etc. Gradually, as the time went by, my vision for art changed. I no longer wanted to relate to the physical aspect of the elements of my work but wanted to explore the more deeper aspects of life. I believed there is much more beyond what we can see.
My foray into the art world turned mystical. It generated insatiable curiosity about our very own existence, how/why we behave differently under given circumstances, what is the cause and effect of our actions on us. It led me to explore the language of art. I have now started to understand the beautiful works of master artists, who graduated to artwork with ‘few lines and circles and abstract paintings’ towards latter stages of their life.
Each work of mine that has come into existence has evolved me as person and my evolution is the best part of this journey.
What is the medium that you like to work with?
I love to work with Oil on canvas. This medium has a grace of its own and of course a legacy of its own. This is the medium that the Masters have used to create works that carry their legacy over hundreds of years.
Acrylic on canvas is another medium that I like because I find it very dynamic. It is very nice to make different works because of its quick drying property. Surprisingly, I have been able to develop some realistic works with this medium as well.
Works that inspire you
It is hard for me to put bounds to my inspiration. For me, every piece of art is inspiring in someway or the other. The work reflects a stage in the personal journey of that artist. I see the journey and growth of the artist through their works.
For instance, my current works will reflect my present state of consciousness, my beliefs, my challenges or my well being. So anyone can always learn from these works in order to evolve.
School of art that you have been inspired by. Styles that you like to emulate.
I don’t think in terms of styles and schools. I simply follow the divine command and create my own path. Human body is the most powerful machine ever that has a complete manual ‘How to run this machine’ built within. It has a self healing and a self destructive system. So the greatest teacher sits within us, it is up to us to follow or not to follow.
Your views on emerging art and the market it offers…
Art is emerging in a big way now. I want to define the growth of art not in financial terms but more in a holistic sense. Whenever art flourishes, it symbolises a general well being and growth of the society. I see that there are new markets that are opening up now due to this.
Something that was the domain of only few art collectors is now expanding to common man. There is a newer segment of Art Buyers who currently might be buying art to match their curtains or decor, but they will evolve to serious art lovers and buyers later.

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