Art vs Artist

by Team ACF

Art and its artist, its creator and innovator, the one gives birth to its existence in the world of framed canvas. Sometimes more beautiful, sometimes more elegant and intense. But every time, either the art take all the credits, or the artist is appreciated for its skills for the painting. Well, art world is dynamic and it looks like artists, finally, took out time to look forward into the future, to discover the idea of executing themselves along with their pieces, simultaneously.

Now, that’s not a bad idea. More like an innovation, to display the picture of the artist, rather than just displaying his name. Which, even in caps, are ignored or get ignored by people, eventually? People are rolling on social platforms like Tumblr, Facebook and Pinterest, with their newly-made hashtag – #artvsartist. To showcase their paintings, graphics, print and pop art, or any other form of art, they are involved with; people are using this hashtag from around the world. This form of communication helps an artist, because he can show multiple forms of art, that he does; at once. Sometimes the size was just as small as a playing card, but sometimes the frame extended to the extreme of an entire wall. Point being is, the artist were able to show their artworks on the basis of a single theme or a combination of different pieces of art and sometimes, on the basis of color scheme or abstract expressionism.

This all started with a meme that said that artists draw art that looks like them. In some cases its true but in others, it’s not. Some drew anime that were a look-alike but some of them drew dragons, which apparently, were not.



The creators of the hashtag and the concept of artvsartist, invites us all to contribute towards this trend and make it universal, so that your friends and family can also be a part of it and if anybody is an artist and who is still not aware of this, he can also come forward and show himself as a part of the art world. For doing so, you can just comment #artvsartist_Profile on your friend’s photo, so that they can review that picture and maybe, select it to put it on their account. But that’s not all; people from around the world are not tagging only, but putting their piece for #artvsartist on other social platforms, like and others, as mentioned above. They also call it as “digital art” in media or digital world.

( Picture Source:,
Kavya Shree – Indian Artist)



That’s not all, the fever is yet to come to our country – India! Some of us have already started with our tagging and hashtag-ing procedures, posting digital art online to show it to the entire world. From miniatures to sculptures to digital paintings and sketches, to street art to jewellery to recycled best out of waste; artists are taking it from all to all. From a college student to a professional artist, a school student or maybe an uneducated person; is doing it all. The photo of the artist in the centre of the 9X9 cube and the artworks are filled around him/her; as the pictures fill in for the evidence.

(Picture Source:, Indian Art)


Art still exists and will be a part of this society for a long period of time. So what, if it’s the 21 st Century, art will find its own way to outsmart every other new form of showcasing it. Artists will never leave an opportunity, to bring art in front and work from the back – end. But, just this time, they were able to get both of them in front end; on the stage itself.

ArtCultureFestival Verdict: This trend, definitely, will go for long. It has just started, and yet to make its way into the pothole of our country. Even the famous artists can go for it, to make their old artworks, come back to their surface. It is a good opportunity for all the new entrants, to showcase what they have and what they are capable of. This trend can be a new theme for exhibitions all around, and can be a new style of representation. And maybe, later in future, this trend will no longer remain a trend and will be a new revolution in the 21 st Century.


(Main Picture Source:, Vinit Beley’s Digital Artworks – Indian Artist, Mumbai)



(Picture Source:,
Vinit Beley’s Digital Artworks – Indian Artist, Mumbai)


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