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Fashion and art go hand-in-hand. This is why we have chosen some immaculately-dressed artists, gallerists and fashion designers whose sartorial choices make them stand out among the melee of visitors at the India Art Fair. Fashion designer Sonal Dubal throws light on his chic style and his love for great style. Read on
Sonam Dubal, Fashion Designer
Do you give any special attention to your attire during the Fair?
As a fashion designer, I dress up carefully to complement Art Fair that I visit anywhere in the world. To look serious, yet quirky and fun is important as one meets many friends at the event.
Do you think that fashion and art complement each other?
Both fashion and derive inspiration from each other and often create a world of ethos at a particular time. Art is truly inspiring and important in understanding the moment and fashion is often its expression.
What is your personal style?
My personal style is casual chic depending on occasions. Comfort yet style plays an important role in putting things together, even if it’s shades of black. Having lived and travelled to Europe in my early years has become an important part of my wardrobe.
What is your poison when it comes to fashion?
Stoles, scraves, and shawls. I collect them every time I travel. I also love craft, so I try to show off weavers print or even textures via accessories. I love rings too which I wear differently on different occasions to add a dimension in colour and style. Waistcoat is my winter favourite!
What do you plan to wear at the upcoming IAF?
As it is in February, velvet Nehru Jacket with textured scarves or just beautiful shawls. I will be wearing interesting styles, easy shoes and colours to complement the surrounding art.

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