Corporate Workshops

by Team ACF

Looking for fun and creative corporate team building for your corporate team? Look no further than a st-Art

workshop. We can get your team into a creative mindset, which is beneficial for everyone’s mental health and

overall happiness!

Plus, everyone will be able to walk away with the beautiful artwork that they have made.

A Creative Spin on
Corporate Team Building

Did you know that channeling creativity helps people become better problem-solvers while improving their sense of self-expression?

Not to mention, creative activities are huge stress relievers.

We have been doing corporate team-building workshops online and live for various companies. The workshop can be based on any subject.

What workshop topics can you request?

First, some workshops

You can request…

An art session using specific techniques/media:

  • Painting with Oil…..’Using oil as in Renaissance’
  • Painting with Acrylic……’Painting landscapes and still life’
  • Painting with Acrylic……’Painting Portraits’
  • Develop Abstract art from real subjects
  • Create a Mosaic/Collage/Cut-out artwork using the canvas-on-canvas technique
  • Work with Ceramics

An art session dedicated to famous artist’s style (short presentation + painting session in the style of the artist):

  • Van Gogh – Still life and landscapes
  • Cezanne – The father of modern art
  • Mondriaan – De stijl/Neo Plasticism
  • Picasso / Braque – Cubism
  • Matisse – Expressionism
  • Pollock / Rothko / Newman – American
  • abstract expressionism
  • Warhol / Basquiat – American pop art
  • Bob Ross-style workshop

How does it work?

  1. Schedule a meeting with our curators. Curators are available for any idea and artistic discipline.
  2. Get to know us and find out if we are the right fit for your corporate team building.
  3. Discuss and choose the subject and the theme for the event.
  4. Discuss the number of participants, location, date, and time.
  5. Receive an integrated proposal
  6. After accepting the proposal, you will continue to receive updates till the event day.

Emerging Fine Artists to invest in 2023 & more

Kavita Rattan

Kavita rattan, born and brought
up in Delhi, has done her fine art education specialising in
sculpture from MS university of
Baroda. She is currently living
and working in Delhi and is
exploring eco friendly materials
in her sculptures. She is an in-house artist at artetc

Nagma Shamim

Nagma shamim, a contemporary artist. She did her masters in fine art from Aligarh Muslim University. She is currently living and working in Delhi and works in multimedia.

Pankaj Malasi

Pankaj Malasi, born in Delhi, has done his BFA and MFA specializing in Painting. He is exploring his works through sustainable and eco-friendly materials and currently is an in-house artist at art etc, defense colony.

Shriya Vijayvargiya

Shriya Vijayvargiya is a Fine artist from Indore. She completed her BFA and MFA in Painting. She is inspired by nature, elements and forms of nature can be seen in most of her artworks. Currently working as an in-house artist at Art etc.

Available at fine art retail space

Art Advisors and which artist to invest to double your capital. 


Get a creative spin on your corporate team
building today

Challange the creativity of your team in a fun way that they have made.