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by Ekatmata Sharma
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Culturally ConnectedMaking world’s rich cultural heritage come live, search engine giant Google launched “Google Arts and Culture” website, app and Youtube channel created by “Google Cultural Institute”, bringing art and culture a step closer through the virtual online world. The art-project helps art aficionados in India and across the globe discover famous works and artifacts from several museums from over 70 countries. It has interesting features of virtual tour through historical monuments, museums and galleries.  A walk-through famous museums and artefacts from world over offer a rich immersive experience for the viewers. The virtual tour of the Sanskriti Museum, established in 1978 which is home to one of the largest collections of Indian art and craft is a unique experience in itself. You can easily navigate through the artworks of legendary artists like Abanindranath Tagore and Amrita Sher-Gil’s palette journeys between India and Europe. One can search for anything related to art and culture of India like the history of World Heritage Site Nalanda University in Bihar to panoramic imagery of its excavation.
The website hosts vast ocean of art and culture in India, as the site has partnered with local government and private organizations that provide genuine content to the site.  Organizations like Archeological survey of India, St+ART India, India National Trust for Art and culture, National Gallery of Modern Art, National Museum, Academy of Fine arts and literature and many more have partnered with this google website.  Many private collections which have been showcased for the first time online.
You can view artworks from the art movements all around the world from centuries ago to the present. Impressionalism, surrealism, pop art, abstract art, futurism, renaissance, gothic art, cubism, gothic art, expressionism, art nouveau, modern art, Spanish renaissance,  modern art, classicism, contemporary art, post-modernism, conceptual art, kinetic art and many more known and lesser known movements are featured here.
All mediums of artworks like paint, paper, watercolour, textile, metal, ink, oilpant, canvas, graphite, clay, engraving, pen, sculpture, wood, photograph, earthenware, gold, glass, cardboard, pigment, porcelain, pencil, silver, gouche, acrylic, tempera, bronze, laid paper, coloured pencil, terracotta, cermica, plaster, jade, natural rubber, sand, leather, chalk, ivory, plywood, cotton, steel, lacquer, resin, marble, fiber glass, concrete, brass, diamond, iron, jadeite and many more can be viewed on the website.
You can discover millions of artworks, historical sites and hidden art and culture stories from this reservoir of art, culture and heritage.

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