Debasish Mukherjee’s solo art show at Akar Prakar Contemporary

by Team ACF
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23rd August – 4th October 2019 |Akar Prakar Contemporary, D – 43, Defence Colony, New Delhi

Akar Prakar Contemporary brings recent works by Debasish Mukherjee in the exhibition – “What makes us yearn for an era lost?” What triggers memories, and how do we comprehend moments as we had experienced them, even though we no longer exist in that place or time? Personal memories are translated via objects and materials into nostalgia, interpreting a universal emotion that is experienced in a different way by individuals, and in varying degrees, as each memory is recalled. Debasish’s new body of work explores the ‘Concept’ of home, spaces, or place of origin through sensorial and emotional memory. This includes a series of mixed media works, which are more like textile sculptures and installations.

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