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30th Ravi Jain Memorial Foundation Show

Dates: 30th September – 22nd October 2021

Venue: Dhoomimal Gallery, G-42, Connaught Place, New Delhi – 110001

Time: 12 Pm- 7 pm

Website: For Online viewing of the Exhibition- https://www.dhoomimalgallery.com

Featuring: Works of over 60 young artists across the country.

The Annual 30th Ravi Jain Memorial Exhibition present a striking collection of artworks by young fresh minds experimenting with a different genre, mediums and styles from different art colleges from all over the country, widely accessible at affordable prices. The Ravi Jain Memorial Foundation was instituted in the year 1991, as a tribute to Mr Ravi Jain the former director of Dhoomimal Gallery in Delhi CP.  The 30th Ravi Jain Memorial Foundation Annual Awards 2021 for Upcoming Young Artists is a landmark event, organized to create interfaces amongst the artists’ communities and motivate future generations towards art and its aesthetics. Mr Ravi Jain always believed that the momentum in art created by those 4 to 5 artists, who had established themselves, should not stop with them only, but instead, new talent should continuously be encouraged, nurtured and supported. With this vision his wife Smt. Uma Jain put together the Ravi Jain Memorial Foundation. This foundation annually provides a creative platform to budding young artists to showcase their artworks and support them by providing scholarships. 

In the previous years, we have felicitated several such young artists who presently have become known names and established themselves in their areas of specialization in the art fraternity. Every year the Foundation gives 4 Scholarships to Young Artists and Sculptors decided by the panel of esteemed judges. The other 60 artists get an opportunity to be part of the Annual Exhibition. The Jury for this Year’s selection is Jagannath Panda, GR Iranna, Pooja Iranna, Titu Patnaik and Archana B Sapra. Fondly reminiscing about Raviji, Smt. Uma Jain (Former Director Dhoomimal Gallery) explains how he would spend hours with the artists and all the people from the creative fields be it, columnists/ journalists, writers, visiting diplomatic gentry etc. – debating and introducing the Art world to them. She says “ Raviji was the perfect host and a very sensitive person both towards the artist and his artworks”.  The foundation has been working as a catalyst to reach support in various manners to budding artists and the veteran ones too, more as a goodwill gesture presently.

Moving ahead this year onwards, Mr Uday Jain (Director Dhoomimal Gallery) says “Dhoomimal Gallery desires to foster the awardees and promote their artworks at various exhibitions and art fairs on the galleries calendar”.  Soon the foundation will formalize this endeavour and will raise funds via the sale of affordable artworks from the foundation’s collection online and through charity events. Uday continues to express his gratitude towards Meesha & Ajay Sharma of the Baidyanath Group and the very enterprising Mr Rajji Rai for their relentless support to these young contemporary artists. He further adds “I would be glad to see other corporate houses too, to come forward and nurture such fresh minds and encourage their experimental & new ideas in creating remarkable artworks”.

Quotes from the Jury this Year:

G R Iranna: “I think it was a wonderful experience, there are so many upcoming progressive and promising artists, I have enjoyed every single work”

Archana Bahl: “It was an interesting range of works with diverse mediums showcasing the versatility of the current emerging artists of our country. Working across diverse genres including installation, photography, painting, sculpture and ceramics, many of the artists’ works reflected a firm thought process with an aesthetic vocabulary. Some of the entries were of course amateurs but their enthusiasm was encouraging to see.”

Jagannath Panda: “Ravi Jain Memorial Awards is one of the finest initiatives taken by DMG. It is most appropriate at the present time and will greatly support younger artists to give them visibility for both, their work and practice of art. The award will greatly encourage them. I am so glad to be a part of this jury committee and I really enjoyed thoroughly all the artworks the artists have submitted. They are very diverse and each work has some kind of unique approach. I congratulate whosoever has been selected to this exhibition and congratulate the award winners of the Ravi Jain Memorial Awards. 

Dhoomimal Art Gallery has been a landmark in the heart of Connaught Place since 1936. And now, it has undergone a complete transformation, reopening as a two-storey interactive experience.

Established in 1936, the Dhoomimal Art Gallery, one of India’s oldest art galleries emerged from the very needs of the artists of Delhi. Struggling to buy art supplies, they frequented the store of Ram Chand Jain, Dhoomimal’s proprietor, fondly remembered as Ram Babu. He encouraged artists to take the supplies they needed; in exchange, they began leaving him with some of their work. The mezzanine above Dhoomimal Dharamdas began to function as a gallery for artists to show and sell their works. In time, Ram Babu began to showcase the works of the emerging Delhi Silpi Chakra artists becoming an intrinsic part of the Delhi art circle in his own inimitable way. Today, more than eight decades later, Dhoomimal continues its journey by reaching out to a newer generation of artists and art lovers by hosting a Delhi Silpi Chakra retrospective at these historic premises as they re-launch themselves. 

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