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Founded in 2016 by art collector and appreciator Akshay Chandra, Easel Stories is a pioneering and disruptive art platform that endeavours to bring art and people closer. It’s an interactive space with a mission to democratise the world of art that has become the privilege of few. It believes that an artist and viewer have a symbiotic relationship where both need each other. All art is a primal and instinctive form of human expression and an artist needs an appreciative viewer to make him understand. On the other hand appreciation of art among other finer things in life is crucial for human development.
At Easel Stories, the aim is to nurture this reciprocal relationship by connecting artists from across the globe and especially India to more developed urban hubs. The gallery gives a platform to emerging and under recognised but extraordinary artists who haven’t found enough exposure and encouragement. Easel Stories is a comprehensive art experience that gives access to seminal works of art through online exhibitions, master classes with artists, curated and personalised art advice and opening a world of affordable art for the art aficionados. Their collection is as exhaustive as it’s selective. But most importantly it’s not inspired by what’s trending and who’s popular but by a genuine passion for bringing good art to light. The gallery has showcased works of prominent artists like master-sculptor C. Dakshinamoorthy, G. Raman, P. Gnana, M. Jayakumar, G. Subramanian, S. Chanthiran, V. Santhanam, A. Vishwam, N. Manoharan and collaborated with Singaporean curator Vidhya Gnana Gouresan.
Easel Stories
Address – Easel Stories, D114, Sector 47, Noida, 201301
Contact number – 09818054639, 09891363841
Website – www.easelstories.com

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