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10th and 11th February, 2018 I Crow HQ Okhla. Okhla Phase 3, New Delhi

Crow invites you into the world of the Emporium, where the stories wait at every turn, the goods come in all shapes and forms, and what you come away with depends on the choices you make – and what you may be willing to part with in exchange. Be advised: Your usual currency will not serve you here so be mindful of what you may lose. You are free to navigate the Emporium as you choose and make the purchases you desire by negotiating with the characters.

Crow’s new production brings back a few favourites from their previous shows like The Floating Market (2016), while adding some new traders and plotlines. A man peddling broken optical instruments will try to sell you one of his prized, patented headaches: piercing, pounding, or just a dull throb, whatever suits your fancy. You could choose to be part of a jury that has to decide the fate of a doll or buy a cup of soup for a song.


Find the Lost Property Department and barter for a fragment of time. Head upstairs to the Word Hospital just in time to revivify a dying word. You may want to trade this with the hawker for a bit of un-popped corn, which is the very essence of bravery. Or offer it to the pest control guy and he may tell you how to get your termites to work for you. And whatever you do, stop by for some juicy gossip at the ‘General Purpose Store’: the shopkeeper always has a tale worth hearing.
Fashioned in an old, abandoned office building, ‘The Emporium at the Edge of Certainty’ presents a different perspective on the act of trade itself. Through deliberation, negotiation and a whole lot of play, every individual act invites the audience to relook at the value of things through the choices they make. If time were on sale, how much would you give for it? Would you choose a shorter life if you could dispel your loneliness? And what would you do to save the world?

As is the case with their previous productions, Crow has repurposed the building to serve as the setting for their narrative, in this case creating an ‘indoor shopping mall.’ But audiences will not be shopping for ordinary items, they could for example encounter an estate agent who sells houses that you can visit in your dreams. The Emporium works on barter, not on currency, so to make a trade you will have to exchange whatever the seller demands.
Founded by director-designer Nayantara Kotian and writer-actor Prashant Prakash in 2014, Crow is one of the first to bring this form of storytelling to India. Crow’s previous productions include; The Floating Market (2016), The Hungry Hearts Supper Club (2017) and A Tall Tale (2017).
The Emporium at the Edge of Certainty has been created in association with the Gujral Foundation as part of their Studio Makers Project and is part of The Gujral Foundation’s programming at the India Art fair.

Dates & Times
The show will be open to the public on 3rd, 4th, 17th, 18, 24th& 25th of February 2018, with two shows each day at 6:00pm and 7:30pm.

The venue Crow HQ Okhla can be found on Google maps. It is located in Okhla Phase 3, New Delhi.

Tickets for the show can be purchased online at:

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