Equilibrium- The Irreversible – Haribaabu Naatesan

by Team ACF
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Anu Bajaj , Director of Gallery Art Positive is presents a solo show of Haribaabu Naatesan’s – Equilibrium- The Irrevirsable. From nostalgia of a bygone era to the whimsical notes that childhood memories evoke to a profound state of wonderment for his imagination, Haribaabu Naatesan’s art transcends age, craft, and walks of life to evoke emotions in anybody who see his work. As one of the most revered artists championing Green Design and recycled art, it’s his alchemy which turns trash into art. It is these beautiful artworks created from an assemblage of electronic scraps and other found objects that will be featured at his solo show that will feature a congregation of 18 artworks. The show is sure to surprise viewers with the inventive use in the artwork. Floppy Disks, cassette tapes, hard disks and other discarded electronics find their way in his work giving them a new life. The tone of artwork also varies, ranging from the abstract to crisp. Having a reputation for imaginative richness, the artist brings forth design in art form and vice versa. It focuses on green design, because this work of art involves design – a ‘reprocess’ of the waste materials around us. And, an ART – as to sensibly putting things into places to give a meaning to the creation.

30th Jan – 5th March 2019 | Gallery Art Positive , F- 213/B, Old MB Road Lado Sarai, New Delhi

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