Era Elsewhere – Manjunath Kamath

by Team ACF
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Gallery Espace presents ‘Era Elsewhere…’ by Manjunath Kamath. The current suite comprises of hand painted terracotta sculptures, works on paper and silk. Keeping the element of storytelling constant, Kamath transports the viewer into various stages of history where an incomplete narrative is put forward for him/her to fill in the blanks. Manjunath follows a certain rhythm in his works rendered in clay (terracotta), he mocks and distorts forms leading to moments of unexpected recognition creating an imaginary space in which emptiness serves as perspective where anything can happen. Objects morph into animals and vice versa, creating bizarre chimeras that tickle the fancy and stimulate the imagination.

IAF parallel program

25th Jan – 2nd March, Gallery Espace, 16 Community Centre, New Friends Colony, New Delhi

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