Exploring Art Galleries in Mumbai

by Yukta Kulkarni
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As the world adjusts to the new reality brought by the coronavirus pandemic, the art community too adapts through a digital platform.

Art Galleries all across the world are putting up brilliant art collections online, for art lovers to browse through. Consolidating the work of artists and creators around the globe, these galleries house are an art enthusiast’s paradise.

Mumbai, the cultural and creative hub of India has numerous galleries who took their displays online. They engaged the audience effectively, as if the barrier of physical space was nonexistent.

Some noteworthy galleries that you should check out are:

1. Tao Art Gallery

Art Galleries in Mumbai

Source: ​https://www.taoartgallery.com/

Tao Art Gallery is a well recognised brand in the Mumbai Art Space, guided by connoisseur and self-taught artist, Kalpana Shah.

In its 20 years of existence, Tao Art Gallery has curated unique shows highlighting diverse art forms like painting, photography, sculptures, digital performances as well as installation arts in its two exhibition galleries.

Encouraging diverse creative expressions, Tao emphasises on the powerful and innovative presentation of artistic ability, building an insightful experience for all its viewers, inviting dialogue on culture, aesthetics and the tradition of visual arts.

Tao has also been actively involved in publishing various art books and organizing art education workshops, interactive sessions with artists and other knowledge-based lectures that aim to propagate love for art, and boost the presence of Indian Art in the global arena.

During lockdown period, Tao Art Gallery initiated the ultimate Virtual Photography Exhibition, celebrating magnificent places around the globe.
Curated by Supriya Shah Khanna, this was a fundraiser to support pandemic relief. It featured 10 iconic photographers: Amishi Doshi, Amrita Diwanji, Amar Ambani, Anurag Banerjee, Gita Kumar Pandit, Ishita Dharnidharka, Monisha Ajgaonkar, Riddhi Parekh,Vipurva Parikh and Vinay Panjwani.

Photo by Monish Ajgaonkar

Source: @taoartgallery ; Photo by Monish Ajgaonkar

Source: @taoartgallery ; Photo by Anurag Banerjee

Further they had a specially curated interview series for the ongoing virtual photography exhibit called ‘Through the Photographer’s Lens’. In this they aimed to virtually connect with photographers and interpret their idea of photography and travel from their perspective and what goes behind a perfect shot.

This exhibition was a great hit, and was featured in magazines and newsletters as well. Do check out Tao Art Gallery’s Instagram (@taoartgallery)​ to view some of the breathtaking photographs of the exhibit.

Tao Art Gallery's Instagram

Source: ​https://www.taoartgallery.com/

“Nostalgia of Light” is their latest online exhibit which presents paintings, drawings and mixed media works by 16 Artists. Using varying figurative and abstract styles, this exhibit is themed to explore the phenomenological possibilities of nature and healing. The ​exhibit​ is live from June 26 2020 to July 26, 2020.

2. Piramal Art Foundation

The Piramal Museum of Art is dedicated to presenting art that engages and informs a diverse audience. The museum displays frequently curated art shows from the Piramal collection and those culled from other collections.

The Piramal Art Foundation is an initiative by Dr. Swati Piramal and Mr. Ajay Piramal and the Piramal family to collect, preserve, document and exhibit Indian art. The foundation has a library with rare and comprehensive resources on art. It also regularly supports archival projects, arts management programs and important fine art exhibitions.

The Museum also offers customizable experiences for corporate, schools and social groups to witness art through diverse tours and workshops.

Art Galleries in Mumbai

Source: @piramalmuseum

Starting off June with an informative online series commemorating the International Archives Week, the museum emphasized on the value of a well documented resource.

Displaying some beautiful artworks from the Piramal Archives, they also featured videos by their collections manager, Madhura Wairkar. In these, she would give a detailed background to the art piece hence enlightening the audience.


Source: @piramalmuseum

Further, they organised a visual walkthrough called Revisiting Ravi Varma – A Digital Walkthrough. Curated by Vaishnavi Ramanathan, Brijeshwari Gohil and Ashvin E. Rajagopalan, this takes you on an unseen journey of the artworks by the illustrious artist.

Featuring art from private collections across India and understanding what shaped Ravi Varma, this walkthrough placed the artist against the rapidly changing Indian social, political and artistic context to unravel his significance today.


Source: @piramalmuseum

‘Still Life Stories, a delightful art workshop by Anita Yewale for children, was also organised by Piramal Museum of Art.


Source: @piramalmuseum

Piramal Art Residency proudly celebrates 24 cycles, 40 mentors and 100+ artists. With programmes designed by artists for artists, they have tried to uplift and mentor newcomers with the right guidance. Vaishnavi Ramanathan, their lead mentor gives an insight on the Mentorship Programme on Developing Artist Statements, on their instagram (@piramalmuseum)​.

3. Studio3 Art Gallery

Studio3 Art Gallery is a Mumbai based art gallery founded by Vinita Mirchandani that aims to promote both contemporary and upcoming talent, transcending various genres of art, on an international platform.

Painting by P. Chakraborty

Source: @studio3_art_gallery ; Painting by P. Chakraborty

Sourcing art works from the artists itself, the gallery displays some of the most prestigious names. They believe in supporting artists, not only by holding exhibitions but by monitoring their growth and giving direction to take their work to the next level.

Painting by Ashif Hossain

Painting by Ashif Hossain

Source: https://www.studio3india.com/​

They display an online collection of numerous paintings by well established artists. Moreover they have a noteworthy collection of beautiful sculptures and other collectibles available.

Painting by Paramesh Paul

Painting by Paramesh Paul

Source: ​https://www.studio3india.com/​

They have an Art For All section, with affordable art pieces, making art easily available to a wider range of public.

A great stop to purchase beautiful and intricate Indian Art, visit Studio3 Art Gallery’s Instagram ​(@studio3_art_gallery)​ and ​website​ to browse through their collection.

It is commendable that artists and art galleries aren’t letting anything affect their creativity and dedication. Their constant efforts to keep their audiences engaged just proves their love for art.
Art connects us across platforms and brings solace during these hard times. Art will elate, soothe and heal us.

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