Gallerist Bhavna Kakar on her sartorial choices

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Fashion and art go hand-in-hand. This is why we have chosen some immaculately dressed artists, gallerists and fashion designers whose sartorial choices make them stand out among the melee of visitors at the India Art Fair. We are running this as a series. So, here is Bhavna Kakar, founding director of Latitude28, who meticulously curates her wardrobe for the Fair. Read on.
 Do you give any special attention to your attire during the Fair?
I do give some attention to my appearance, as most women like to do. My wardrobe for the Fair is generally divided into three parts:
Installation time: Generally, the first two days before the Fair begins, I am in my tracks and a woolen cap or furry wrap. This is because we do a lot of outdoor projects and it’s quite chilly in the morning.
Be comfortable: This is my mantra for the Art Fair. As I am there throughout the day, I like to wear something that is not only stylish but comfortable as well. Also, dressing in layers is the key because if one is braving cold outside, inside it gets pretty hot at times. In addition to this, I like to wear flat shoes because being there means a lot of walking. However, I do love my stilettos.
After Parties: I carry a wardrobe change at times, as one goes directly to many of the parties.  A snazzy jacket or a bright scarf, some blingy accessories with a touch of red on the lips does the job and perks one up.
 Do you think that fashion and art complement each other?
Oscar Wilde once said ‘One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art.’ I believe in both.
What is your personal style?
‘Your body type should used be to your advantage when forging your sartorial path; I am a clothes horse but I don’t let them ride me. I scout for new labels, experiment with offbeat silhouettes, and say yes to everything vintage. I enjoy eccentric asymmetrical cuts and don’t go by ongoing trends. I love wearing silks, traditional handloom weaves, organic cottons, antique Jamawar shawls, and have weakness for beautifully embroidered Pashmina’s. A complete contrast at times, from the boho-chic clothing to the staid classic silk-pashmina look and I love both..
What is your poison when it comes to fashion?
I get time to shop mostly when I travel. My wardrobe is strewn with clothes and shoes from small boutiques and vintage stores in Italy. The Scandinavian brand, ACNE is my favourite, especially when it comes to shoes.  Other favourite labels include, Shades of India, Pero, Gauri Nainika, Raw Mango, Eka, Abraham and Thakore, White Champa, Kukoon for capes and Rashmi Varma recently are some I admire and wear. Apart from this, I also have a weakness for beautifully embroidered Pashmina.
What do you plan to wear at the upcoming IAF?
Wait and WATCH!
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