A glimpse into Peruvian art

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To promote the art works by graduate students from Peru an exhibition, “Artistic Exhibition of Peru’s Contemporary Art” was organized by National Institute of Fine Arts (NIFA) at their Greater Kailash located Institute cum Art Gallery. From figurative to abstract, the three day exhibition that concluded on September 14 brought together the works of 19 artists from a prestigious Peruvian art school. The exhibition was curated by RenuKhera.
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According to Roger A. Caceres (Cultural Manager), the best way to learn about a society is through its culture. “Behaviours, languages, beliefs and above all art bring us closer to the understanding of geographically distant people. Although the prodigious evolution of the media gives us access to almost any part of the planet from our homes, however, the artistic experience is irreplaceable,” said Roger.
peru-2India and Peru are countries known for their ancient civilizations and have housed throughout their territory and history, sophisticated cultures which act as a legacy.  Moreover, the thought process of both the countries is natural and spiritual in nature. These days both the countries are trying to harmonize – with much luck – their extraordinary cultural richness with the unstoppable advancement of Occidental modernity, which, before its own advancement ignores the fact that diversity, in this context, is synonymous with power.
“The course of world history has shown us that art and culture determine the impressions that every person on earth leaves as a legacy to future generations. And so, it is the artists who carry on their shoulders the mission of sharing with the world the best that each nation can offer,” said Roger A. Caceres.
Talking about the exhibition, RenuKhera said, “The cultural exchange plays a vital role to learn and experience the culture, values, and lifestyle of countries. The works on display are made by the students of Fine Arts; they approached us for a show with graduate students as a part of cultural exchange. It’s a great experience and exposure for both students and art lovers.”

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