Gond Tribal Art

by Venkat Raman Singh Shyam
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‘Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai, Pata chala hai ye’ . Do you remember this nostalgic song from his ‘Childhood’, and the world famous Mowgli. But what you may not know is, his parents used to do the magical Gond Art. Coming from central India, and done by largely Tribal communities, Gond paintings depict almost every aspect of their lives. Local flora, fauna, gods & goddesses, celebrations, festivals, folk-tales and myths are all represented through their art, making story-telling a strong element in their paintings. Gond art is believed to be an offering in worship of nature, based on the Gond belief that good image ushers in good luck and helps ward off evil. The art form is characterized by the imaginative use of lines and dots, highlighting a sense of balance and symmetry. The paintings are bright and colourful, painted with natural colours derived from charcoal, soil, plant sap, leaves and cow dung.

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