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I hope to match your furniture

13– 18 January, 2018 | Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, Delhi

Gallery Latitude 28 presents a solo show of artist Sumit Roy’s exhibition ‘I HOPE TO MATCH YOUR FURNITURE’. Sumit Roy’s works sits at the intersection of the intersection of traditional art practices and contemporary Indian visual language. He plays with the audience’s perception, presenting images that are in oils and acrylics created using alternative print techniques but which offer the illusion of being serigraphs. Thus, his oeuvre is at once as creative as it is distortive. Often his professional interest in communication design makes itself felt in his art; layered with typographical messages that add additional tiers of meaning, the works take on the nature of palimpsests, each one needing to be viewed at leisure, revealing new strata to be interpreted. An interplay of languages and contortions of icons that are part of the collective pop cultural consciousness leads the artist to present novel perspectives to the lay audience. In investigating the past to create the new, the visual culture he plays with, using tradition as his springboard, is in actuality an entirely fresh language of images. Traversing the realms of visual art, branding, communication design as well as music, his preoccupation with communication finds this multifaceted young prodigy drawing one of these worlds into the other, adding political commentary and offering to viewers a veritable feast for their intellectual and aesthetic faculties.

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