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Installation of social concerns

November 16 to December 9 | Chemould Prescott Road, 3rd floor

Nilima Sheikh’s work Terrain: Carrying Across, Leaving Behind composes a sixteen-panel tempera painting that encloses an octagonal space. Its spatial poetics relate to shamiana, traditional South Asian tented pavilions where people assemble for ceremonies, theater, memorial events, and political gatherings. This fragile paper architecture brings to mind the temporary shelters that offer rest to pilgrims. The work’s pictorial realm posits multiple languages of movement and distance: migration, exile, transient geographies, and shared historiographies crossing Asia and Europe.
Venue: Chemould Prescott Road, 3rd floor | Queens Mansion | G. Talwatkar Marg | Fort | Mumbai 400 001.
Date: November 16 to December 9.

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