Jatin Das – A Retrospective1963 – 2023

by Team ACF
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Jatin Das has been doing portraits right from his art school days and since then has made almost a 1000 of them. He will conduct a hands-on workshop and share his thoughts about what constitutes a portrait and how to make them. It will be a rare opportunity for art students and lovers of art to see him at work and to learn the art of making portraits.

Jatin Das has always been passionate and concerned about preserving traditional and folk arts and crafts. He will give an in-depth talk about his journey of collecting, archiving and conserving a vast and varied collection of handicrafts, handlooms and antiquities from around the country. He will share his perspectives on why and how these dying arts need to be preserved.

Event Details:
Artist Workshop: Jatin Das to hold a workshop with students
Time: 1 pm onwards
Place: National GAllery of Modern Art, New Delhi

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