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K L Saigal (sept 4, Sri Ram center)

klProduced by Pierrot’s Troupe, directed and written by Dr. M. Sayeed Alam and Tom Alter in lead role, K L SAIGAL is the first ever and the only play on the life, times and works of the legendary singer and the first superstar of Indian Cinema. It is not only a musical tribute. It is also an engaging portrayal of entire life span of K L Saigal Saigal as Sita Ji in Jammu, Saigal as Salesman in Delhi, Saigal as Struggler in Kolkata and Saigal as Superstar in Bombay.

In the process, the play re-creates the music and cinema of yesteryears, hitherto undone. The play is also dotted with the live recital and enactment of Saigals Film Songs and Ghazals which envelope the listener as no one else’s do – ‘Jab dil hi toot gaya hum jee kar kya karenge’, ‘Aah ko chahiye ek umr asar hone tak’, ‘Babul mora naiyyhar choto jaaye’ and ‘Baalam aaye baso mor-e man mein’, to name a few.

The play stars Tom Alter, the master of acting and history telling. It also notably stars Yashraj Malik, who does not only sing like K.L. Saigal, but also looks, amazingly, like him. It has been written and directed by Dr. M. Sayeed Alam, reputed for his penchant for historic and humorous plays.

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