Kalaa Spandan Art Fair, Mumbai

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Article By – Aparna Ajith

One of the upcoming art events is Kalaa spandan Art Fair. Art is not for one community or for a certain part of the community, it belongs to all. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to promote the art of the underprivileged and give them the recognition they deserve. Kalaa Spandan Art fair is all about the promotion of underprivileged artists. The event is going to take place in Mumbai between 3rd to 5th December 2021. The aim of this Art fair is to display the unseen talents hidden in the box of a class system. The event will open many doors of opportunities and hope for the participants. Every artist should get at a chance to showcase their talent in front of the world and events like this give them that opportunity and confidence for their growth.

The platforms like this are expanding the vision of art and dismissing any form limitations for their presentation. It clears out paths for every artist without judging their background. Art fairs help the people to believe in themselves no matter where they are from, it shows that art not only belongs to an artist, it also belongs to the world. Art is a gift to the world, therefore it’s unfair when it gets suppressed by the discriminating nature of our society, art is above all the norms.  The upcoming Kalaa Spandan Art fair is the 6th edition of the fair. The fair will promote a variety of art forms. Many well-known people will be attending the event and encourage the artists. The event will promote artists, sculptors, galleries, photographers, animators, art magazines etc. This platform is an open space for all art lovers to show their talents and also to enjoy the work of others, also, it is very affordable. Kalaa Spandan Art fair is a very successful initiative towards arts.

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