Know what Paresh Maity is wearing at IAF!

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His love for vibrant hues, caps, stoles and accessories is well-known. This is why versatile artist Paresh Maity makes it to our list of one-of-the-best dressed people in the art world. He believes that his fashion vocabulary is integral to his identity. Read on…
Do you give any special attention to your attire during the Fair?
My fashion sensibilities reflect my kind of art. I believe that developing your fashion aesthetics is like creating a sculpture, bit by bit you add small details and nuggets to your wardrobe. I have, over the years, managed to develop my own sense of style to which I pay attention to wherever I go.
Do you think that fashion and art complement each other?
They are quite integrated and you can’t separate the two. They both are a treat to visual senses.
What is your personal style?
What your personal characteristics are, they translate into your fashion sensibilities. Your own identity reflects on art and fashion. Hence, my personal style draws inspiration from my creations that are equally colourful in nature.
What is your poison when it comes to fashion?
When I travel, I try to pick up things from street. As an artist, I am quite blessed when it comes to identifying the right garment or accessories. I like wearing stoles, jackets or kurtas and I ensure that my sartorial choices have an insignia of my art. This I do by using my creative motifs in my clothes. Creating such connect is important for me because this signature becomes a part of my identity.
What do you plan to wear at the upcoming IAF?
Anything that goes with my fashion style, is visually and aesthetically nice and has a unique insignia. It has to be chic yet elegant.

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