L.N Rana

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L.N Rana is a Delhi based, national level contemporary artist. He belongs to a family of art lovers and creators who have an inclination for sculpting and painting. He has inherited art aesthetics from his ancestral roots and has blended his own style fantastically to carve a niche in this innovative and expressive field. Holding his M.F.A degree in fine arts from reputed – Jamia Millia Islamia University in Delhi in 1990, the artist had his first show in 1994, marking his presence as a matured and bold artist in the industry. Rana’s works are primarily figurative with corporeal objects accentuating the story around the intriguing bodies which communicate silently yet clearly with the viewer with a thematic backgrounds like sympathy, love, bonding, divergences, solitude and exploration.
ln rana 4Shows and recognition
The artist has done more than 50 successful solo and groups shows at eminent art galleries like-Triveni, A.I.F.A.C.S , Ravindrabhavan, Lalit Kala Academy, Jehangir Art Gallery , India Habitat Centre and many others in a span of 2 decades. He has marked his presence at renowned art camps and events like at National Exhibition of Art, Sahitya Kala Parishad (work of youth artist camp), All India drawing exhibition between year 1993-2002.His finely honed skills, astute observation and refined aesthetic sensibilities, all evident in his intricating works have got him recognition like 5th Youth Exhibition art award-1999, A.I.F.A.C.S National award-2010 and more. His collections embrace the international art market of Netherlands, Morocco, Dubai, England and France( Paris).
ln rana 3Style
Subtle yet vibrant and energetic, Rana’s paintings express an emerging independence of spirit with an almost dream like view, he brings you in and exposes you to intimate feelings and moods. The energy of forms and colors excite the mind and articulate his individual visions. His paintings reveal an extraordinary perspective sense which is profoundly individual perception yet global in subject, dwelling in some undefined geometric lines and contours of feminine forms in interiors and landscape, each of her own world.
Bold and suggestive, emotional and powerful, his art takes you on a profoundly personal journey. His imagery suggests stories with beginnings but no definitive end. Heavy lines and selective color scheme dictate the mood of his work and keep pulling you inside for another look. He has the rare ability to grasp the essence of his vision in a way that is always interesting and unexpected- a truly talented expressionist! His exhibition of paintings held at Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai- 2007 named ‘Feminine enigma’ beautifully portray the sensuality and mystical charm of a female. He has captured the aspirations, dreams, physical exploration of body along with the emotive state that drives a woman’s actions in paintings titled- ‘Rejuvanation’, ’Kite of Hope’, ‘Search of Peace’ , ‘Classic bath’.
ln rana2
“ I attempt breaking down life to its visual essentials- the charisma of a woman, her relationships, fantasies that add so much of tone, colour, balance and movement-show positive perspective of life. I like capturing the essence of her beauty and acquisition sense which builds a story around her”, says the mature artist. His paintings dipped in the shade of earthy colors like crimson, ochre, yellow and Indian red add a monochromatic overtone that empowers the message of being rooted to the family values, manners ,parental roots that accentuate love, bonding and care which is depicted in his works like-‘ family portrait’, ’Valentine package’ and ‘Line of control’.

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