Latitude 28 Presents Inscapes: In Search of a Place Curated by Premjish Achari

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Preview: 18th December, 2023, Monday
Timing: 6 PM – 9 PM

Exhibition Open till : 24th December, 2023
Timings: Monday to Saturday, 11 AM – 7 PM

Venue: CCA, First Floor, Bikaner House

Abhay Bhalla | Anupama Alias | Arindam Manna | Atul Bhalla | Basist Kumar | Chandan Bez Baruah | Divya Singh | Ganesh Haloi | Gigi Scaria | Hemangini Maharaul | Iranna G.R. | Jagannath Panda | Josh P. S. | Mansoor Mansoori | Paramjit Singh | Pranay Dutta | Ranbir Kaleka | Ritaben Ghosh | Sareena Khemka | Shaji Appukuttan | Shalina Vichitra | Sibdas Sengupta | Sudhir Patwardhan | Sujith S.N. | Sumantra Sengupta | Vasudha Thozhur | Vibha Galhotra | Vinod Balak | Waswo X. Waswo | Unnikrishnan C | Shubham Kumar | Madhurjya Dey

Throughout history landscapes have been an important visual foundation for artistic practice. Its artistic presence across various cultures and time periods has led to the emergence of landscape as an important genre in art. Though used as an umbrella term or misunderstood as a monolithic practice the diverse forms of artistic expression that engage with the space around them attest to the heterogeneity of this genre. This diversity of practices calls for a curatorial revisit to understand the contemporary artistic engagement with landscape. Though landscape is considered as the representation of an external reality, this exhibition correlates it as an expression of artistic interiority. The curatorial premise of inscape allows us to explore various artistic practices that engage with psychogeography, cultural rootedness, atmospheric pieces, and visual reconfiguring of the spaces. The idea is inspired by the classical Sangam poetic tradition where the five ecozones/landscapes (tinais) were closely integrated with the emotional conditions of the characters.

“Through this exhibition we attempt to embark on an odyssey into ‘Inscapes: In Search of a Place,’ where landscapes cease to be mere backdrops and become portals to the infinite complexities of the human soul—a curated journey through the symbiotic dance of external vistas and internal musings, revealing the hidden stories that bind us to the enchanting mystery of our shared connection to the land.”

  • Bhavna Kakar, Founder-Director, LATITUDE 28


Since 2010, LATITUDE 28 has probed into a gallery practice that is lateral, disruptive and avant-garde. Mentoring and nurturing emerging artists from South Asia, the gallery focuses on experimentation with medium and material fostering critical dialogue, perspective and practices by writers, critics and researchers alike. These maker-market relationships amongst collectors, art enthusiasts and art practitioners have grown through the gallery’s interactive incubation space, where ideas have been generated through innovative curatorial projects located on the cusp of art history and socio-political context through site-specific artworks and artist talks. The gallery makes art accessible and inclusive with exhibitions located at the intersection of artists, institutions and art education. LATITUDE 28’s vision is shaped by its Founder/Director, Bhavna Kakar, who is also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TAKE on Art – South Asia’s leading contemporary art publication.

Instagram: @latitude_28 @bhavz15 @takeonart

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