Locked Down With ACF Presents Ankush Dewesar

by Team ACF
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In this insightful collaboration with the talented Delhi-based lifestyle photographer Ankush Dewesar (@ankushdewesarphotography), ACF brings to you a photo-series called “Soul Reflections.
His outlook on the lockdown is nothing but wholesome and in turn his inspiration for these photographs. He tries to convey how these are the times are no excuse for an artist to stop creating.
Ankush Dewesar shares, “The unprecedented lockdown has different meanings for different people. I have immense sense of gratitude for everyday aspects of our life that we have always taken for granted. These are the times for reflection and contemplation.
Even though this shall pass, living at home for the longest time has given birth to a lot of hidden creativity in many humans. While, life outside our homes has come to a halt, creativity is a still in progress for many. Being an artist, mostly it’s the outside events, surroundings and creatures that inspire us to create art. But, it’s said rightly that what you are seek outside is inside of you.
This lockdown has propelled me to reflect and look for creativity within my home and its inhabitants. I am an ardent animal lover and also a lucky parent of three pets – one Persian cat and two Siberian husky dogs. With these altruistic creatures at our home, there hasn’t been a dull moment in our life during this lockdown. Their mere presence gives a sense of contentment in these alarming times. In no time, they became my muse and it was exhilarating to capture them.
These images are a reflection of the wonders that we carry inside us, but we look for them outside. The double exposure photographs are symbolism of “The world you see outside is inside of you”
Soul Reflections1 Soul Reflections2 Soul Reflections3 Soul Reflections4

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