Locked Down With ACF Presents Richa Malhotra

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Based in Delhi, Richa Malhotra better known as WhoArtsy does wonders with oil paints.
Only 21 years old, Richa works as a full time Product Manager by day and an artist by night!
It is challenging and interesting work and she likes how intriguing it gets and how she touches lives.

Finding her expertise in Oil Painting, Richa identifies herself as a hybrid media artist, perfecting the combination of different styles.

Drawing inspiration from nature and her surroundings, her art reflects the same. Things that are considered plebeian by most people, are muses for Richa.

She’s always been passionate about art. What started off as a hobby, developed into a vital means of her expression through the years. And the passion and love for art, is as earnest as ever.

With a creatively demanding job, usually coming home, she would be left with no creative juice left for art. The Lockdown has been a blessing in disguise for Richa as she has ample of time to focus on creating new artwork.

She says, “I want people to feel the same passion that I feel while creating my artworks- carefree, optimistic, tender and amused. I want it to come rushing off the painting into the viewer’s life; to bring the same passion into their space. Nurturing growth and imperfections.”

What’s really commendable is that Richa has an amazing collection of artworks up for sale on Etsy, which you should really check out.

Richa Malhotra

Sea of Promise – Acrylic Painting

Hillside Contours- Acrylic Painting

Hillside Contours- Acrylic Painting

Richa Malhotra

Passing Thought- Buddha Oil Painting

Locked Down With ACF x WhoArtsy

In her collaboration with ACF, she reveals the Part 2 of her latest series: Oil Painting for Beginners. Richa teaches the delicate art of Oil Painting and creates a beautiful Rustic Sunflower, through the most simplified strokes and techniques. Watching her paint, will inspire the artist within you to grab your paints and brushes and start painting right away!

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