MAG Contemporary debuts with ‘Landscapes in Flux’

by Team ACF
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22- 27 July, 2023 | The Gallery, Bikaner House, New Delhi

MAG Contemporary, a new vertical launched by the Modern Art Gallery isdebuting with the exhibition ‘Landscapes in Flux’ exploring the ideaof how landscapes and architectural designs are perceived through the unique lens of artists. The exhibition will bring together twelve contemporary artists from different parts of the country, each offering their distinct perspective on the subject matter.

The exhibition enables the viewers to recognize the profound impact of architecture on an artist’s perception of the world. Through this exhibition, MAG aims to shed light on the interplay between
landscapes, architectural designs, and the artistic interpretation of these elements.

The vision for MAG Contemporary is to expand cultural horizons and foster creative energy by presenting contemporary art that challenges and inspires, while also building a remarkable collection of
contemporary artworks.

 The artists participating in the exhibition have been carefully selected for their exceptional talent and their ability to push artistic boundaries. Each artist brings a unique artistic style,
perspective, and cultural background, ensuring a diverse and captivating showcase of contemporary art.

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