Masks of Mexico, Mascaras Mexicanas

by Team ACF
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A unique exhibition at the India International Centre (IIC) showcasing Masks used in the Mexican culture as part of a dance-drama performed during religious ceremonies and festive occasions.  A theatre performance that incorporates a multitude of elements yet these masks stands out on their own as sculpture of great aesthetic value!
Displaying 33 of these unique creations made of different materials, including animal pelvis, lacquered wood and polychrome clay, one can feel the exotic culture of Mexico through them. The masks together with dancers are used to recreate sacred myths, legends and historical events, making them anything but subtle in nature leaving a powerful imprint with the viewers.
The exhibition has been organized in association with the Embassy of Mexico, providing Delhi with a slice of their colorful native culture.  It ends on July 30th so if you’re into unique art or got a Mexican streak in you then do check out “MASKS OF MEXICO” at IIC art gallery.

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