Mithu Sen

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Mithu Sen is a New Delhi-based artist who is celebrated both in India and abroad for her fantastical and provocative multi-media works that earned her India’s inaugural Skoda Prize in 2010. Sen is originally from West Bengal and studied at Santiniketan before continuing her art studies at the Glasgow School of Art. Sen’s practices stem from a conceptual and interactive drawing background that has extended into drawing, video, sculpture, installation, poetry, sound and performance.
Images of the body—genitalia, intestines, blood-filled veins, bones, limbs, and hair—recur throughout her work, mixed with a host of motifs drawn from Indian and global popular cultures, such as tigers and Japanese anime characters. Some of her prominent works include ‘Border Unseen’, ‘In House Adoption -22’.
Untitled Drawing Photo Credit Nature Morte Mithu Sen Border Unseen Photo credit Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum Mithu Sen
In House Adoption 22 Photo Credit Nature Morte Mithu Sen

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