NOWTHERE- Group show

by Team ACF
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Artists Mahbubur Rahman, M Pravat, Maria Waseem, Prithvi Shrestha, Saurganga Darshandhari, Seema Kohli, Tayeba Begum Lipi and Waseem Ahmed come together for the group show ‘Nowthere’. These eight contemporary artists have collaborated with the traditional Paubha artists of Nepal. While each artist explores a theme that is of immediate concern to them such as responsibility of power, memory and history and the use and enjoyment of it in common spaces, these artists come together in a place that gives them freedom to transcend the socio-political as well as the geographical boundaries standing between four nations of South Asia: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. Essentially a traditional art form of Nepal, the Paubha paintings blend seamlessly with the myriad etchings, pencil drawings, watercolours and prints comprising the multiple elements of ‘Nowthere’ and eventually accentuate each of these artworks. The subtlety and delicacy of the Paubha traditional motifs veritably imbue artists’ concerns and emotions with an impactful voice. The detailed crafts that have been deployed to arrive at the final, finished work, evoke a multitude, an ethos, a kinship that is united in these narratives.

24th Jan – 28th Feb, 2019 | Gallery Latitude 28, F-208, First Floor, Lado Sarai, New Delhi

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