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It’s hard not only to paint a canvas with the creativity, that no one was able to think of; but also to convert those emotions into the form path of trajectories and words. People who explored the not-so- round world and wrote their journeys as experience can be heard best by the people, who lived those moments or few others in the row, who were so inspired by the works of the artists, this world co-founded; that they filled up pages with their landmarks.
Though, art has been converted into forms of pages, bundled up on the shelves of the bookstore, you can easily miss on them. Following are the top 5 books on art and artists, which one should look at, if they are looking for some amazement and inspiration:

1) Finding my way:
Author: Pictures by Venkat Raman Singh Shyam and S. Anand’s words
Finding My Way is a book that reveals the whole man. Nothing is left out, even if you long for there to be fewer digressions, fewer excursions into mythology,fewer songs by Kabir, in favour of hewing to a tighter narrative line. Finding My Way, the fruit of an extraordinary collaboration between artist and writer, is evidence of Venkat’s hunger, his need to at once overcome the circumstances of his birth and celebrate them in his art. Venkat complains about a Sotheby’s auction in which work by Jangarh fetched a mediocre price compared to such artists as Swaminathan and V.S. Gaitonde. In part, it is Venkat’s willingness to grouse, to cavil that makes this such a remarkable book.

2) Arc Silt Dive – The works of Sheba Chhachhi
Asks the readers to explore their associations as the book progresses and make their particular connection.Arc means journey of all the artists' works, Silt means sedimentation of ideas, Dive means plunge below the surface into undiscovered depths.Multimedia artist Sheba Chhachi treats her book as an artwork. The book travels in hyper-reality and to quench a quest for multimedia explorations.

3) Narratives of Indian Modernity – A book recalls the work of Brij Mohan Anand
Author: Aditi Anand and Grant Pooke Vocal his opinion Narratives of Indian Modern brings life to the works of lesser know progressive artist Brij Mohan Anand. The book beautifully captures the work and life of the artist who was an illustrator at day and an artist by night. His work was a powerful medium of social and political commentary which he used effectively to voice dissent. The book is accompanying with an exhibition at India International Centre, on till May 22, 2016.

4) Reverie with Raza – Works of Saiyed Haider Raza
Author: Uma Nair
This book weighs in on the moodiness, methodology, efforts, mental blitzkriegs and inner workings of modern master of art Syed Haider Raza.In tone and technique, Raza is meticulous, historically informative, and has a sensitive yet straight-eyed approach that often takes the form of a discourse that invites cogent considerations; his reflections of spirituality. He travels through verbal and visual dynamics, and gives us a set of references and details that define his sensibility that brims to an inner core of intellectual and aesthetic insignias. The Bindu too has transformed through decades—it signifies a different tenor in a world torn by terrorism and death. Syed Haider Raza unravels as a modern master who comes through more like a sage who swims in the fervour and ferment of thoughts shaped by 60 years in Paris as well as formative years in India.

5) Sonata of Solitude – Vasudeo Santu Gaitonde
Author: Meera Menezes
The project took five years to take shape and has been published as a three volume publication and documentary set; the book explores the different facets of Gaitonde.Meera, through her biography, effaces the existing myths about the artist and successfully attempts to produce a factual document on his life and journey,keeping the emotive anecdotes at bay while vehemently affirming the facts.The document presents a history rather than a general story. How he changed the phase of Indian Art? The paintings by Vasudeo Gaitonde have set a remarkable record by being fetched at prices of Rs 23.4 crore and Rs 29.3 crore at Christie’s Auction sales in Mumbai in 2013 and 2015, respectively, that which renders him as one of the highest selling Indian artists.

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