Pallav S Chander

by Navneet Mendiratta
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Artist Pallav S Chander’s solo show of paintings, titled “A Painter’s Symphony” at Gallery Art’est, Sohna Road mainly focuses upon bringing out his own autobiographical experiences into a form of visual connection between himself and the audience. Been Diagnosed with dyslexia and Adhd, art has been more of a therapy for him, and the imagery within his works are more of an unusual observation of society, rather than a judgement or a statement. Excerpts from an interview with the artist: 
no one knows anyone else ever,2012, oil on canvas,36 X 84 inches(diptych)
Tell us about your upcoming exhibition.
“A Painter’s Symphony” is showcasing all my autobiographical works which includes pastel works and paintings.
These autobiographical works are my personal take on my own past or perhaps the current memory which could have existed while painting the work. The topics includes from my memories about my grandmother to understanding the meaning of love to my parents separation. These works are my own personal take on life.
What mediums do you like to dabble with?
Painting is my main medium. My works are mostly done in acrylic and oil paints. Also I use pastel and charcoal for my paperworks.
Nani, Acrylic On Canvas
How did you get initiated into theatre? What kind of theatre inspires you most and what kind of plays do you aspire to create?
Art and Theatre are two core parts of me. Theatre was introduced to me at a very young age. I was always involved with stage from pre-nursery days. Later in my teens, I was mentored by my guru Amal Allana, who till now guides me in theatre and art. Her plays influenced me when I took up directing in my early 20’s. My theatre work is more of a painters perspective of society. So my theatre work execution involves melodramatic acting and very bright and intense light color palette and the actors faces are painted white.
In one line if I can explain how my theatre and art works togather, it would be like this, “I treat my canvas as a stage and my stage as a canvas.” In my case, the art and theatre complement each other very well.
Love of Don Kuka 246
Your sources of inspiration… 
With me being diagnosed with minor Adhd and dyslexia, I tend to be a hyper-person and was below-average in studies, so painting and theatre became my medium of therapy and a purpose to work for.
So Art works more of a therapy for me, and I tend to paint every day, touching topics related to my personal life and any experience I feel putting on a canvas.
Your dreams as theatreperson and artist. The course ahead.
My dream is simple — continue what I am doing, which is paint and more paint, and in between find some time to create my plays. Apart from that I live with a simple motto — “Work Shall Talk”.

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