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Prelude to 3rd Udaipur World Music Festival

5 – 8 January, 2018 | India International Centre, Delhi

Seher in collaboration with India International Centre presents a prelude to the 3rd edition of Udaipur World Music Festival 2018 with Carnatic music, Sufi notes and Bharatnatyam recitals. With regality, beauty and heritage blended into one, the music enthusiasts will witness a never seen before unique collaboration between Sufi and Carnatic music this January. On the 5th of January, renowned Carnatic music vocalist and violinist Ms Sudha Raghuraman, will join musical notes with Shri Mir Mukhtiyar Ali, the cherished Sufi folk singer from Rajasthan. With Mukhtiyar bringing alive the poetries of Kabir, Bulleshah, Mira and other Sufi poets, and Sudha Raghuraman enrapturing the spectators with her rich soulful music, the evening will be a cultural retreat. The 8th January, will bring back the cultural reprise with Ms Anwesha Das’s solo Bharatnatyam recital.

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