Public art initiative at Noida Metro stations

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A new addition to its public arts initiative across ten Noida Metro stations, KNMA has initiated the process of public art installations. This is following its collaboration with the Noida Authority last month with the installation of a painted mural for the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) underpass.

 Committed to engaging diverse public audiences and creating tangible change across the city, the museum has now conceptualized and installed a series of public art installations each specifically designed to inspire and educate audiences about the multifaceted dimensions of Indian culture and visual arts heritage, highlighting the social, cultural and environmental milieu of the city. 

Kiran Nadar and the KNMA have been a key force in promoting Indian artists in India and abroad, and the museum has defined itself as a world class institution that attracts serious museum goers from around the world. It is also an arts institution which seeks to foster arts interest and a museum going culture across the country, promoting cultural development and arts employment across the city. Each metro station will have a specific theme that illuminates a dimension of Indian art, culture, and society such as Indian mythology, yoga, nature and contemporary art. Speaking about the importance of public art, Kiran Nadar, Founder and Chairperson, Kiran Nadar Museum of Art said “Arts and culture are key components of quality of life, and important contributors to urban economies as well, at KNMA we are consistently working towards greater public arts engagement and feel that creating museums, cultural and arts spaces are imperative to strengthen the cultural vibrancy and framework of a city. This project is an important step towards change, and brings art and culture to wider and larger audiences. We are very happy to continue our ongoing series of collaborations with NMRC”

 The project addresses the lack of art promotion in the public sphere and is aimed at promoting social and cultural development via arts education, community outreach, and public art. The initiative underlines the museum’s commitment to elevating the dialogue on the arts, redefining the traditional role of museums by finding innovative and non-intimidating ways to inspire and engage wider demographics with art. 


Station Location


Noida Sector 51

Noida City Theme

Noida Sector 50

Indian Classical Dance

Noida Sector 78

Scenes from Ramayana & Krishna Leela

Noida Sector 81

Contemporary Art

Dadri Road


Noida Sector 142


Noida Sector 143

Interactive Art

Noida Sector 146


Alpha 1

Modern Living with Nature

GNIDA Office

Greater Noida City Theme


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