Raihan Vadra’s new immersive exhibition ‘Upamana’ uses photographs and installations to explore life’s mysteries

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This is the third of the five series of solo shows and it will be showcased at The Bikaner House from January 28th 2024 t0 February 4th, 2024

New Delhi, January: Visual and Installation artist Raihan Vadra is showcasing an immersive exhibition titled ‘Upamana’ that uses installations, visual art, sound and lighting to explore multiple comparisons and analogies that human beings face through life. The exhibition will open on January 28th 2024 and will be on display till February 4, 2024, at Bikaner House.

Upamana is part of a series of 5 solo shows, spread over a decade, based on the 5 schools of logic in Indian philosophy (5 Pramanas). Using concepts derived from the above, the immersive shows use installations, visual art, sound and lighting to explore multiple comparisons and analogies that people face throughout life.

Borrowing from Sanskrit words — upa (similarity) + mãna (knowledge), the word describes the act of “Knowledge arising from the association of something previously unknown”. This show builds upon themes such as control choice, compulsion, memory and emotion that were explored during the artist’s previous works – Dark Perception (2021) and Anumana (2022).

Each artwork in the exhibition portrays different aspects of comparison and its impact on our perception. Through curated daily walkthroughs, visitors will have the opportunity to delve into the artist’s interpretation of the three constructs of comparison: similarity, dissimilarity, and peculiarity.

The materials used for the works are metal, resin, fibreglass, naturally sourced trees and roots, photographs printed on archival paper, LED strip lighting and vinyl. A soundtrack is specifically created for the show which will go along with a voiceover that will introduce the viewer to each room, creating a holistic experience.

Raihan Vadra’s artistic vision revolves around the idea of embracing one’s uniqueness without the need for comparison. Through his artworks, he aims to convey the message of unlimited possibilities that arise from being true to oneself and being comfortable in one’s skin.

“Everyone faces comparisons in their daily life, whether it’s in the classroom at an early age, in the workspace, from their family or their friends. The show will explore these comparisons as well as the comparisons we make on other people and ourselves,” says Raihan Vadra.

“The comparisons we make define our reality, why is that and should we allow ourselves and others to be defined by these comparisons? Should we instead be questioning our comparisons and therefore our reality?” adds Raihan, adding the exhibition aims to explore these aspects to understand what are we without such comparisons.

About Raihan Vadra

Raihan Rajiv Vadra is a Visual Artist and Curator. His visual works encompass themes ranging from wildlife and street to commercial photography. Raihan’s speciality lies in his installation and immersive artwork, creating experiences through his visual art and installations that captivate viewers with intricate concepts. Raihan uses his own life experiences and relatable daily life instances to build on concepts such as choice, control and unity amongst other ideas. In 2021, he had his first solo exhibition titled ‘Dark Perception’ in which he explored the concept of control through an immersive experiential exhibition, he also exhibited at The India Story in Kolkata later in the same year. In December 2022, Raihan had his 2nd Solo show titled ‘Anumana’. Anumana, like Dark Perception, was an immersive art exhibition with the concept around choice & freedom. • Raihan also co-founded the art collective ‘You Cannot Miss This’. A fully independent art collective consisting of multimedia works by a collective of independent artists. The first ‘You Cannot Miss This’ show was held in February 2023 and was a part of the India Art Fair Young Collectors Programme. The collective’s second show was held in collaboration with Method Art Gallery at their Juhu Gallery in Mumbai. The show in Mumbai was held from the 9th of November to the 18th of December. Raihan’s work has been featured in Homegrown, Hello Magazine, The Curator Magazine, Platform Magazine, NDTV, The Print, Harper’s Bazaar and multiple other outlets. •Website : raihanrvadra.com Bio

Exhibition Details
Title: Upamana by Raihan Vadra
Preview: 28th January 2024
Exhibition on Till: 4th February 2024
Venue: Bikaner House, New Delhi

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