Sadhu Aliyur

by Team ACF

Sadhu  Aliyur was born in 1963 at Aliyur, Kozhikodde District. He studied fine arts at Kerala school of Arts,Thalassery. By now he has been positioned as Art instructor at Brushman’s school of Arts, South Bazaar, Kannur and then as an interior designer at Woodcon Interiors, Madras,  Al- Kattan Interiors, Al- Khobar interiors, Saudi Arabia.
Art Shows/camps/Recognition-Water color is considered as a master medium. Sadhu  Aliyur’s magical hands know the art to play well with the diluting charisma of water colors with detailed dry brush effect. With a great level of experience as a freelance water color artist, Sadhu had various solo exhibitions of his works at Mayyazhi  Chithranhaliloode, municipal town hall, Kannur- May 2006. He also showcased his works on the history and culture of Mahe 2001(exhibited in Mahe,Challakkra and Pandakkal), Malayala Kalagrammam Art Gallery New Mahe in March and Alliance Francaise Pondicherry  in April. The artist has his artworks at Office of hon. Health minister of Pondicherry, Govt.  house Mahe, Govt. of Karnataka, Hindustan Uniliver Ltd., Bangalore and several  private collections in Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Delhi, Mumbai, Pondicherry, Kerala.
It is not surprising that Sadhu has been honored for his talents with awards in Kerala and outside. He has already had 23 exhibitions where each time he brings a fresh look at his chosen subject and theme. The Kerala Lalith Kala Academy chose Sadhu for this year’s Vijaya Raghavan Gold Medal Endowment. He has also been recognized abroad, with Turkey International Water Colour society honoring him with his contributions.
Recent Collection and Style– Water color as we know is one the toughest and most challenging mediums in painting. It takes abundant skill to retain or restore the transparency of colors in each painting. And only an artist who is gifted and experienced can preserve the purity of these colors, Mr. Aliyur is one such master who is able to make the brush and paint respond accurately to every touch. sadhu4“Ive always loved this medium. It is said that water colors connect with your heart and I strongly believe that. Using this medium is not easy because you don’t have a lot of time to finish a work. Also, you have to start afresh if there’s a mistake”, says an artist immersed in the charm of vintage buildings which he draws in his paintings.
His thoughts, feelings, conviction and many moods seem to come alive with such minimal stroke. Even as each soft stroke comes closer to defining forms in nature, it is vibrant and pulsates with the rhythm and harmony of life as it were. Mr. Aliyur uses the paper white itself as sparkling eye lights instead of using white pigments.
He is clearly pre-occupied with his environment which is evident in his captivating and breathtaking creations of nature. In his deft hands, the infinite sky and the ocean are brought to life in monochromes using the same colors in tandem with the white of the paper and served as mammoth backdrops to natures creation. His  paintings show the south Indian landscape with some depicting a coudy backdrop, streets leading to Padmanabha Swamy temple, serene temple ponds, majestic Napier museum and quietude on roads with a potpourri of images that are emblematic of solitude.Some of his artworks displayed at an exhibition at Suryakanti Art gallery will take you on a journey of exploration of history,culture,heritage and articheture of his city.

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