Sakti Burman’s show of Drawings, Sketching and watercolours

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12th – 30th, 2019 | Art Alive Gallery | S – 221, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi – 110017

Art Alive Gallery presents legendary artist Sakti Burman’s exhibition showcasing his Drawings, Sketching, and Watercolours. The show will exhibit Sakti Burman’s artistic journey since 1950s to 2016, covering a span of 6 decades. His works presents a blend of India and France. The fusion of Europe and India which portrays his life and imagination, creating a hybrid aesthetic that speaks on several cultural and emotional level. The show aims to display artist’s intricate use of pen, ink and watercolors on paper. His artworks revolves around mythology, experience and history. Burman’s mythical figures evokes ancient tales depicting sensuous maidens, children playing, and exotic birds and beasts. There is an amalgamation of mythical and real in his artworks which is done flawlessly. His cultural bonding with Bengal and with its people orchestrates a fine link between imagination and experience. Even his casual way of sketching or drawings, art jottings or doodling has a creative zest and an orderly execution.

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