Sannidhi Vaidyanathan’s Mridangam Arangetram

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2nd September 2022 |  6 – 8pm | Kamani Auditorium, Delhi

Sannidhi Vaidyanathan, grand-daughter of celebrated guru of Saroja Vaidyanathan and daughter of well-known Bharatanatyam danseuse Rama Vaidyanathan will be presenting her first solo mridangam performance known as arangetram. Mridangam is an ancient musical instrument which requires a lot of strength and dedication to perform.

Trained from an early age of 10 under the guidance of gurus Karaikudi Sivakumar and later from Ramamoorthy Sriganesh, Sannidhi is one of the rare female percussionists, who has learnt the art and taken it further to a professional level. She follows the traditional vocabulary and all the different varieties of strokes combined together to make a fascinating combination.

At the arangetram, she will play Thani Avatranam where she will exhibit her imagination and expertise in mridangam in the presence of her guru Ramamoorthy Sriganesh. The 30 minutes solo performance will be followed by a dance performance by the disciples of Rama Vaidyanathan where Sannidhi will accompany on mridangam. Mridangam is an important accompaniment for Bharatanatyam dance form.

Sannidhi is also a well-trained Bharatanatyam dancer but has chosen Mridangam as her profession. She did her Bachelor of Arts in Bharatanatyam from Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwa Vidyalaya, and has also taken a diploma course in Mridangam from the Arts Faculty at Delhi University.

In a short career span, 26 years old Sannidhi, has played the Mridangam (group performance) for her mother’s performances in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore and has also travelled professionally to perform in USA, Canada, UK, France and Singapore.


– Solo by Sannidhi Vaidyanathan

– Bharatanatyam performance by Dakshina Vaidyanathan Baghel, Kavya Ganesh, Mridula Nambiar, Nilava Sen, Pritam Das, Reshika Sivakumar, Sayani Chakraborty, Shubhamani Chandrashekhar, Sudhana Sankar and Vaishnavi Dhore

Nattuvangam: Rama Vaidyanathan

Vocal: Sudha Raghuraman

Flute: G Raghuraman

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